Version 1.1

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Streets Illustrated Version 1.0 was adopted on December 1, 2017 by Director’s Rule.

SDOT Director’s Rule 03-2017

  • Streets Illustrated Version 1.1 updated section 1.2 “A Complete Streets Approach” to add detail about the Complete Streets process and updated the Vision to match SDOT’s updated Vision.

Other updates since Streets Illustrated 1.0 adoption include:

Section Number Section Name Item edited Reason Date of edit
3.1 Sidewalks Figure J. Sidewalk Dimensions Edited for graphic clarity to demonstrate that the 6″ curb is included in the landscape /furniture zone dimensions. 5/11/18
1.1 Authority Link to Director’s Rule Link to Director’s Rule updated to link to 2017 Rule instead of 2005 Rule for the ROWIM 5/21/18
2.3 Street Classifications Link to Traffic Classifications Link to Traffic Classifications in second paragraph changed to link to new SDOT website GIS map 5/30/18
1.2 Citywide Policy Guidance for ROW Improvements Link to City and County Design Standards Updated link to City and County Design Standards (WSDOT site) because WSDOT updated their site 5/30/18
1.5 Contact Information Link to Seattle Fire Department Updated link to contact information for Seattle Fire Department (initially getting 404 error) 5/30/18
3.2 Clearances Link to Seattle City Light’s Construction and Design Standards Updated link from an internal site, to a public facing website 5/30/18
3.1 Roadway Pavement Pavement Design Default Design Parameters for New Pavement table Deleted redundant language from “Asphalt Design Life (20 year row). 6/20/18
2.0 Street Type Standards Street Type Matrix Added design speeds to the graphic image. 1/4/19
1.2 A Complete Streets Approach Page edit More detail added on the process of the Complete Streets Process 8/18/19
3.5 Structures Within the Right-of-Way Type of Structures Common to the City Clarification and additional images added for signal pole foundations and mast arms. 3/20/20
3.10 Transit Figure BO Figure BO updated to show updated King County Metro design guidance for accommodating their coaches.


3.10 Urban Village Neighborhood Access Page Edit Updated street section diagram titles to correctly reflect ROW width. 


5.4 Green Street Locations Page Edit / Figure CM: Downtown Green Streets Locations

Updated Figure CM to properly show Downtown Green Streets Locations according to SMC 23.49 – Downtown Overlay Maps, and associated text.