2.16 Commercial Alley

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Commercial Alleys’ primary purpose is to provide access for freight loading, waste collection for commercial uses, and may provide access to parking.  

  1. Streateries

    Commercial alleys present opportunities to activate areas for pedestrian uses. Read More »

  2. 3.3 Clearances

    Balancing the utility of space for truck loading, trash collection, and parking, with potential as a connector for pedestrian and bicycle use is essential. Read More »

  3. 3.16 Downtown Design

    Color-coding the driveway aprons to match the paving color in the Furniture/Landscape Zone is intended to cue to drivers that they are crossing a pedestrian threshold. Read More »

  4. 3.11 Freight

    Commercial alleys are important for freight delivery, loading and unloading, and access to parking. Read More »

Commercial Alleys may also play a role for pedestrians and bicyclists in and around commercial areas. 

Typical Street Classification(s)


Alley Activation

Pedestrian Lighting, Vending, Festival Streets, Public Art, Street Furniture, Greenwalls, Planters.

*Color for illustration is used to differentiate between right-of-way elements and does not represent standard color for design.