Traffic Signal Box Artwork

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traffic signal artbox

Traffic signal boxes are located at every signalized intersection in Seattle. Adding art to signal boxes provides a way to showcase a neighborhood or business district’s identity and discourage graffiti. Signal boxes can be decorated with paint, decals, and vinyl wraps, as long as boxes remain accessible (i.e., keyholes exposed).  Artists can be commissioned, photos added, or maps installed on the signal boxes. Artists are encouraged to create designs that contribute to the visual quality of streetscapes and create a unified aesthetic between signal boxes. SDOT must review all materials and designs and issue a Public Space permit before signal box artwork can be installed. Cabinet artwork should never cover or paint over keyholes, cores, or keyhole cover plates on any part of the cabinet to avoid these access points from being painted shut). A Public Space permit is required for signal box art with an associated renewal fee. Permittees are responsible for maintenance of the traffic signal box artwork.