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Vending activities in the right-of-way encourage the use, enjoyment, and safety of public spaces. Food carts and food trucks, in particular, help to provide engaging street activation that promotes economic development and creates vibrant spaces.

SDOT offers six types of vending permits depending on when and where vending activities will occur:

Vending in the right-of-way is subject to several location restrictions, including zoning, clear pedestrian paths, and required setback distances. Additionally, only food, beverages, and cut flowers may be sold in public spaces. Street Use permits are not the only permits required for vending- vendors must also have a business license and may also need permits from the Seattle Fire Department and King County Health. The SDOT vending webpage provides additional information on the permitting process for vendors, and a list of existing vending locations can be found on the vending permit notice webpage

Banana vendor in Westlake