Preconstruction Activities

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Before work permitted under a Street Improvement Permit can begin, the Permittee must submit pre-construction materials for review and approval. The Pre-Construction materials may include:

The assigned SIP project manager will identify the specific pre-construction materials that will need to be submitted for review and approval based on the location and scope of work at the time of permit issuance.

Once all of the pre-construction materials have been reviewed and approved, a pre-construction meeting will be held either at the project site or at SDOT offices, depending on the size and scope of the project, to review the contractor or subcontractor schedules and confirm other construction-related information.

When working near King County Metro facilities (trolley wires, bus stops, etc) the Permittee must also coordinate with King County Metro. Metro can be contacted at or (206) 477-1140. Additional information regarding King County Metro requirements can be found in the Traffic Control Manual

Refer to CAM 2216 for more information regarding the pre-construction process.