Neighborhood Block Parties

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A block party helps you connect with your neighbors, reimagine your block, and strengthen community relationships. With a free permit, you can temporarily close your street and use the right of way to host a party for your neighbors. 

Block parties require a quick and easy permit which allow residents to temporarily close their street to have fun in the street with neighbors, friends and family. There’s a wide range of things people can do during their block party, including barbecues, birthday parties, gardening, community clean-ups, ball games, and more. Block parties are intended for residents of that block and everyone on the block should be notified about the block party ahead of time. The event should not be widely publicized outside of immediate neighbors. Hosts must properly barricade their street and provide street closure signs. Larger block parties may require a Special Event permit.

Once a month, neighbors can apply for a permit anywhere in the city so long as they:

  • Don’t live on an arterial street,
  • Keep the intersections open,
  • Don’t have a bus stop on your block, and
  • Clean up and restore the street before 10pm

Applications are generally issued within two weeks of applying, and can be found at the Block Party website.