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Photo of a Streetery in front of Lost Lake Diner in Capitol Hill
Streateries are a combination of parklets and sidewalk cafés. Like parklets, streateries are privately-funded and maintained open spaces constructed in on-street parking spaces, and like sidewalk cafés, streateries provide outdoor seating space for restaurants, cafés, and bars. Streateries are an effective tool for creating active streetscapes while supporting the operations of local businesses. Although streateries can be used exclusively for a business’ customers during its hours of operation, they remain open to the public all other hours, which provides opportunity for diverse types of space programming to accommodate both public and private functions.

Streateries are designed and sited using many of the same processes and standards as parklets. They must be located adjacent to the frontage of a hosting business and accessible from the sidewalk. Streateries are also subject to several additional fees and design requirements that do not apply to parklets. The Streatery Supplement details these differences and explains what types of businesses are best suited for a streatery.