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Acceptance/Warranty Procedures for Improvement Projects

Once informed by the Permittee that all the work is complete, an SDOT Inspector will perform an acceptance inspection of the project. When there are no unresolved issues at this acceptance inspection, the project will be accepted as “complete”. If applicable, the SDOT inspector will then notify the SDCI Inspector that the Permittee has complied with the Street Use requirements. A one-year bond period commences from the project acceptance date. The SDCI Inspector may then issue a Certificate of Occupancy, or a temporary Certificate of Occupancy, whichever is applicable.

All surety bonds for street right-of-way (ROW) improvements are kept for a year to ensure that all improvements retain functionality during that period. After one year, the SDOT Inspector returns to the project site to inspect for any apparent workmanship shortcomings. If the area is safer for public use and no corrections to bring ROW improvements into compliance are identified, then the bond is released and the project is considered closed.

Record Drawings

The City of Seattle is responsible for keeping records drawings on file as defined by the RCW Chapter 19.122 and SMC 15.32.050. These drawings are kept in SPU’s record vault. Before issuance of a Street Right-of-Way Improvement Permit, a signed copy of the approved plan set is forwarded to the record vault. If any changes are made to the plan during construction, an as-built drawing is prepared and sent to the SPU record vault to be incorporated into the permanent plan set. The public has access to these plans for future improvements and for maintenance activities.