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Designation Process

It is possible to designate new locations for Green Streets and Neighborhood Green Streets. A proposal for a new designation can be made by private development proponents, community groups, or any oth...Read More

5.4 Green Streets

A Green Street is a land use code designation and acts as an overlay to the street type assignment. Green Streets are designed to give priority to pedestrian circulation and open space over other t...Read More

3.4 Drainage

Street design includes provision for the collection, treatment, and discharge of stormwater. Drainage system components such as pipe, catch basins, inlets and on-site stormwater management best manage...Read More

3.2 Sidewalks

SDOT’s goal is to provide an interconnected pedestrian network consisting of sidewalks, curb ramps stairways and convenient street crossing opportunities that facilitate walking as a safe, attractiv...Read More