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Bike Intersection Design

Design Guidance Conflicts between bicyclists and pedestrians and motorists can be reduced using geometric design and/or signal phasing. Geometric design: Conflict locations should be separated so trav...Read More

Shared Lanes

Shared lanes may be marked with the addition of shared lane markings. Shared lanes are appropriate on arterials with a posted speed limit of 30 mph or less, collector streets, or minor arterials to fi...Read More

Access Easements and Driveways

Access Easements Vehicle access easements serving one or two dwelling units shall be surfaced with crushed rock at least 6 inches in depth or surfaced with 3 inches of asphalt over 6 inches of crushed...Read More


Complete and proper street grading can be a challenge in Seattle because of steep slopes and variable topography. Construction of street improvements requires grading the right-of-way to the standard...Read More