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Clearances and setbacks

The following setbacks and clearances shall be used for On-Site Stormwater Management BMPs in the public right-of-way. For more information on clearances, see the Design Standards Clearances section. ...Read More

Construction Permits

Construction Permits include the construction or repair of improvements to the right of way such as street paving, curbs, or sidewalks. Construction permits are further broken down into three groups d...Read More

3.13 Utilities

One of the important functions of the right-of-way is to provide space for water, sewer, electricity, street lighting, traffic signals and other utilities, both above and beneath the street surface. T...Read More

Sanitary and Combined Sewers

In general, requirements for sanitary and combined sewer mains are as described above for storm drain pipes with the following differences: All sewer pipe must be designed and constructed to give mean...Read More