1.3 Other Policy Standards and Guidelines

The design of Seattle’s street right-of-way has a significant impact on the livability of the city as well as the health, safety, and welfare of its residents. The width of a sidewalk, radius of a c...Read More

Design and Siting

The following goals should inform the location and installation of all adaptive design strategies: Safe – Every adaptive design strategy must increase or maintain an already high level of safety whe...Read More

Traffic Control Requirements

Creating an Accessible and Safer Work Site  In general, Seattle’s Standard Specifications contain baseline requirements addressing Safety Rules and Standards, Protection and Restoration of Property...Read More

3.11 Freight

The City of Seattle Freight Master Plan (FMP) contains an updated city freight network in order to improve freight mobility and to direct future investments. The design standards and guidance in this ...Read More

3.14 Access Criteria

Accessibility Policy and Design Framework The guidance provided in this section of Streets Illustrated focuses on compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act in public right-of-way in Seattle....Read More

3.8 Bicycle

Endorsed Design Standards The manuals listed below inform and supplement the bicycle design standards included in the Right-of-Way Improvement Manual, and are used by SDOT when planning and designing ...Read More