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Clearances and setbacks

The following setbacks and clearances shall be used for On-Site Stormwater Management BMPs in the public right-of-way. For more information on clearances, see the Design Standards Clearances section. ...Read More

Stormwater Collection

Drainage Infrastructure Drainage infrastructure shall be provided for improved streets and alleys and shall include catch basins and inlets that discharge to a public combined sewer, public storm drai...Read More

On-Site Stormwater Management BMPs

On-site stormwater management best management practices (BMPs) can be used as part of partial or full street right-of-way improvements. Partial street improvements include improvements to the public ...Read More

Roadway Pavement

The most widely used pavement materials for Seattle streets and alleys are portland cement concrete (rigid pavement) and asphalt concrete (flexible pavement). Slag cement as a substitute for a portion...Read More