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1.3 Other Policy Standards and Guidelines

The design of Seattle’s street right-of-way has a significant impact on the livability of the city as well as the health, safety, and welfare of its residents. The width of a sidewalk, radius of a c...Read More

2.2 Relationship to Modal Plans

Street types have been created based on land use and mobility needs. Graphics in Streets Illustrated show many different modal options across street types, even when designation of a particular modal ...Read More

3.12 Traffic Calming

Traffic calming has been used in many Seattle neighborhoods as a way to add design elements to improve safety and livability by reducing cut-through traffic, reduce speeds, and improve the environment...Read More

2 Street Type Standards

The City of Seattle has developed Street Types that are based on the adjacent land uses and envisioned character of the street in order to guide both future development and capital infrastructure proj...Read More

2.1 Right-of-Way Allocation

Seattle’s right-of-way allocation policies define essential functions to serve existing and future activity. The City’s master plans (pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and freight movement) defin...Read More