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3.5 Structures Within the Right-of-Way

City-owned structures are structures in the City’s right-of-way installed to benefit the general public, built according to approved plans and specifications, which then are owned and maintained by...Read More

Permit Process

Design and permit activities on designated Green Streets and Neighborhood Green Streets shall follow the following process, defined below.  Initial Contact The proponent (developer or community group...Read More

Festival Streets

A Festival Street is a portion of public right-of-way that has been designated by the Department of Transportation for recurring temporary closure to vehicle traffic use for the purpose of pedestrian-...Read More

Traffic Signal Box Artwork

Traffic signal boxes are located at every signalized intersection in Seattle. Adding art to signal boxes provides a way to showcase a neighborhood or business district’s identity and discourage graf...Read More


Vending activities in the right-of-way encourage the use, enjoyment, and safety of public spaces. Food carts and food trucks, in particular, help to provide engaging street activation that promotes e...Read More


Parklets are structures that convert one or more on-street parking spaces into public open space. They are intended to be a cost-effective way to activate streets, create more vibrant neighborhoods, a...Read More

Implementation and Operation

Partnerships SDOT reserves the sole responsibility of designing and implementing adaptive design treatments. However, residents, community groups, and businesses are encouraged to suggest locations fo...Read More

Other Related Information

Acceptance/Warranty Procedures for Improvement Projects Once informed by the Permittee that all the work is complete, an SDOT Inspector will perform an acceptance inspection of the project. When there...Read More

Protection of Survey Monuments

A Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) permit is required (WAC 332-120-040 and RCW 58.04.015) for any work that would remove, adjusts, destroy or otherwise make a Survey Point or...Read More
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