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Adaptive Mid-Block Treatments

Adaptive treatments may be applied mid-block to reallocate space to pedestrians or bicycles or calm traffic. Mid-block adaptive treatments consist of a clearly defined space delineated by striping and...Read More

3.11 Freight

The City of Seattle Freight Master Plan (FMP) contains an updated city freight network in order to improve freight mobility and to direct future investments. The design standards and guidance in this ...Read More

Bike Intersection Design

Design Guidance Conflicts between bicyclists and pedestrians and motorists can be reduced using geometric design and/or signal phasing. Geometric design: Conflict locations should be separated so trav...Read More

Pedestrian Crossing

Crosswalks A legal crosswalk exists at every intersection unless it is otherwise signed, regardless of whether the crosswalk is marked or unmarked, per RCW 46.61.235. Per SMC 11.14.135, legal crosswal...Read More