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Traffic Control Requirements

Creating an Accessible and Safer Work Site  In general, Seattle’s Standard Specifications contain baseline requirements addressing Safety Rules and Standards, Protection and Restoration of Property...Read More

Preconstruction Activities

Before work permitted under a Street Improvement Permit can begin, the Permittee must submit pre-construction materials for review and approval. The Pre-Construction materials may include: Constructio...Read More

3.10 Transit

There are two general types of transit service within the City of Seattle as defined by the Transit Master Plan (TMP) – the Frequent Transit Network (FTN) and the Local Transit Network (LTN). The Ci...Read More

Bike Lanes and Transit Service

See Transit design section for more information on related design elements. Trolley Impacts Trolley overhead is designed by King County Metro to allow coaches to move a maximum of 10’ from the cente...Read More