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Neighborhood Block Parties

A block party helps you connect with your neighbors, reimagine your block, and strengthen community relationships. With a free permit, you can temporarily close your street and use the right of way to...Read More

Festival Streets

A Festival Street is a portion of public right-of-way that has been designated by the Department of Transportation for recurring temporary closure to vehicle traffic use for the purpose of pedestrian-...Read More


Parklets are structures that convert one or more on-street parking spaces into public open space. They are intended to be a cost-effective way to activate streets, create more vibrant neighborhoods, a...Read More

Public Space Permits

The Public Space Management Program (PSM), part of SDOT’s Street Use Division, connects people with opportunities to expand and enliven public spaces while promoting a vibrant, safe, accessible, an...Read More

Shoreline Street Ends

Shoreline street ends are precious community assets that thrive through robust community partnerships. Each one tells a different story of Seattle’s cultural and environmental history, and provides ...Read More


Streateries are a combination of parklets and sidewalk cafés. Like parklets, streateries are privately-funded and maintained open spaces constructed in on-street parking spaces, and like sidewalk ca...Read More

Public Art

Public art may include art installations that have a functional or aesthetic component. Public art can be owned and maintained by a private or public entity. In 1973, the City of Seattle created an or...Read More


A standardized system for wayfinding can provide pedestrians consistent information to common questions such as: Where am I? How do I get there? How long will it take? What is there to see and do here...Read More